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Trucking and Vehicle Maintenance Services

Khyber Fuel operates a fleet of robust multi-terrain trucks capable of moving cargo safely across harsh terrain. Our support team of logistics professionals is extremely familiar with local geographical knowledge and is well equipped to carry out risk assessment and choose the safest and most appropriate routes. Khyber Fuel provides full technical assistance, maintenance, service and repairs for its

Fuel Storage Facilities

We have invested in modern storage systems and handling equipment. All storage facilities located at Kabul, Kandahar and Hairatan are constructed according to API code standards. Together with trained and highly qualified personnel, Khyber Fuel ensures the security and handling of the products in the most efficient manner. Our integrated transportation and distribution services comprises of

Fuel Supplies

Khyber fuel has expertise in supplying aviation fuel and various ground petroleum products. Khyber fuel has a reliable rapport with multinational oil marketing companies and refineries in central Asia, Europe and Pakistan. This validates consistent imports of fuel supplies through various borders across the globe.